A family history

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A family history of French cosmetics

The history of Féret cosmetics is above all a family story:
a family that has been creating and manufacturing skincare products in France since 1878!

From the Féret brothers to Alexis, the story of two emblematic products

In 1878 the Féret brothers, Lucien and Roger, succeeded their father who since 1865 had been manufacturing:

Bloc Hyalin

The Hyaline Bloc100% natural alum stone – won three medals at the 1900 Universal Exhibition in Paris.

Potassium alum stone, also called Kalunite, is the purest alum stone in the world. It is approved 100% of natural origin by Ecocert Cosmos Natural. It is visually recognizable by its marbled and somewhat transparent appearance, which qualitatively distinguishes it from synthetic alum stone with an opaque appearance.

First brand in the world registered in France and abroad, The Hyaline Bloc has often been imitated, never equalled. Moreover, a judgment dated November 10, 1899 already condemned counterfeiters of similar products.

The Hyaline Blocis still available today!

Hyalomiel - The Original

The Hyalomiel

The Hyalomiel is a transparent jelly with extracts of Garrigue honey and glycerin to moisturize and soothe the skin.

This product has become an essential part of daily care. It moisturizes and refreshes your hands, elbows, knees, heels…. A miracle recipe used by our grandmothers, Hyalomiel has been inimitable for over a century!

Féret Parfumeur has perpetuated the French Art-de-Vivre for several generations.

PORTRAIT : Alexis Cabanne, creator

French family brand – labeled Centennial Family Business – it is today Alexis Cabanne – great great grandson of the founder – who manages the company.

Alexis Cabanne - Manager Féret Parfumeur

Alexis is a child of the region where Cognac is produced. Thanks to the transmission of family knowledge, he educates his nose and his palate from father to son with this spirit.

With great aromatic richness, the cognacs explore a wide variety of floral, woody or even spicy notes. It is with rigor and precision that Alexis captivates and records the flavors of Cognac. He particularly likes the notes of lemon, orange, Iris, almond, jasmine, sandalwood and licorice.

Always in touch with smells and passionate about botany, Alexis also likes to vary the pleasures.

Balanced between past and modernity, Alexis Cabanne took up the torch in 2012 and continued to distribute original Féret Parfumeur products worldwide. He revitalized the family cosmetics brand by creating new natural ranges with scents of powdered rose, violet, lavender, rosemary… and created perfumes inspired by his gardens.

Products with original packaging
and MADE IN FRANCE forever!

As at its origins, Féret Parfumeur offers products:

      • in an always retro-chic style
      • 100% MADE IN FRANCE
      • mainly formulated with honey and essential oils.

Let yourself be seduced by Féret Parfumeur’s Originale Range made up of 4 products including the most emblematic one sold since 1878: Le Bloc Hyalin.

The Cydalise range The powdery rose-scented honey balm, moisturizing and soothing, is carefully stored in its metal shoe polish box. It has been designed by an independent manufacturer since 1890! The Hyalomiel and the candle are also a part of this beautiful assortment. 

The Art-Déco range includes Le Hyalomiel and Le Baume with a violet scent. Its original packaging dates from the 1930s, when, after the First World War, the art-deco movement took off. A return to symmetries and a rectilinear geometry design contributes to creating this emblematic design of the Art-Déco range.

The Paris 1900 range pays tribute to Féret’s century-old know-how. All products are formulated with honey from the hives of the Maine Gaillard garden in Bourg-Charente.



A bridge between past and present

The two original perfume creations by Alexis tell you his story: that of the Féret family, of his childhood memories, of French elegance and refinement.

Its signature: unique, quality fragrances that trigger memories.

L’eau de Madame


L’Eau de Madameperfume is inspired by the gardens of Féret Parfumeur. The sober and elegant envelope of Iris and Musk in L’Eau de Madame offers a delicate fragrance with floral, soft and airy notes. Incomparable Eau de Parfum, it is characterized by clementine in the top note, jasmine in the heart note and sandalwood in the base note.


feret parfumeur eau de madame iris musk
feret parfumeur eau de monsieur patchouly liquorice

L’eau de Monsieur

L’Eau de Monsieur perfume is inspired by the aging cellars of Cognac.

Thanks to the authentic and elegant blend of Patchouli and Licorice, L’Eau de Monsieur offers you a refined elixir with woody, spicy and gourmet notes. Eau de Monsieur features citrus top notes like bergamot, almond heart notes like Tonka bean and liquorice base notes.

Let yourself be transported into the vintage, chic and elegant universe of Féret Parfumeur.

A French brand since 1878!

Products with original packaging
and MADE IN FRANCE forever!

As at its origins, Féret Parfumeur offers products 100% MADE IN FRANCE

Buying Made In France, what is it?

  • either French ingredients thanks to the sourcing of suppliers to develop our products with a maximum of raw materials, components, or packaging of French origin.
  • or French know-how thanks to the manufacture of products on national territory. 
  • or both at the same time 😊 by interpreting Féret Parfumeur products.

A product made in France is also and above all a product acquired from quality know-how and skills from certified and labeled companies. A nice circle that encompasses diverse and virtuous processes for each other.

Why choosing Made In France has a positive impact?

French quality

The know-how of the French laboratories meets one of the most demanding regulations, to guarantee good formulas developed with the greatest care. Cosmetics have embodied inimitable French know-how for decades. By buying French, we offer ourselves excellence. This is why the partner laboratories with which we work are deployed in France.

Support for ecology

Our products do not travel thousands of kilometers from start to finish of their production chain. Féret Parfumeur has chosen to work with French laboratories to encourage short distribution channels and reduce the environmental impact of transport. 

Support for the French economy

Consuming “Made in France” products makes it possible to promote and support our national companies and their know-how. By choosing to work exclusively with companies in France, from product design to manufacturing and packaging creation, the brand supports a unique and highly qualified know-how recognized throughout the world

A guarantee of compliance with social standards

Buying in French is therefore making the choice of more responsible consumption and it is the guarantee that the product has been manufactured in good conditions and with respect for Human Rights.

Honey and its amazing cosmetic properties

While it is widely recognized in food, honey has amazing properties on skin and hair.
In general, honey is a product with multiple powers A beautiful program!

Honey to hydrate, nourish and soften the skin

The composition of honey includes many minerals and vitamins. And, if honey is so appreciated in cosmetics, it is above all for its moisturizing properties. By helping the skin to retain water and therefore maintain good hydration, it prevents skin dryness and dehydration.

As a rule, honey makes excellent balms or creams that our skin loves.

Honey: antioxidant

Derived from the nectar of flowers or plants, honey is extremely rich in polyphenols, known to be powerful antioxidants. By protecting our cells from oxidation, it regulates sebum and allows the skin to appreciate its purifying action. It is thus softer and clearer..

Honey is therefore a powerful protective treatment against certain inconveniences of daily life. This natural treatment can be used on all skin types and at all ages.

Honey in cosmetics

Our beauty treatments are inspired by the remedies of our grandmothers and our innovative formulas are the result of months of development by our expert laboratories and French partners. Our honey is scrupulously selected for cosmetics.

As at its origins, Féret Parfumeur offers products 100% MADE IN FRANCE.

feret parfumeur balm rose face round