The Bloc Hyalin: the real alum stone

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The Bloc Hyalin is a 100% natural alum stone

Potassium alum stone, also known as Kalunite, is the purest alum stone in the world. It occurs naturally in many parts of the world.

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The true Bloc Hyalin

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First brand in the world registered in France and abroad, The Hyaline Bloc has often been imitated, never equalled. Moreover, a judgment dated November 10, 1899 already condemned counterfeiters of similar products.

Le Bloc Hyalin is still available today!

You will recognize Le Bloc Hyalin by its slightly translucent appearance and by the mention “potassium alum” in the product ingredients.

We recognize the real Hyaline Block visually by its marbled and somewhat transparent appearance, which qualitatively distinguishes it from synthetic alum stone with an opaque appearance (ammonium alum).


What are the properties of Bloc Hyaline?

Le Bloc Hyalin has astringent, antiseptic and antiperspirant properties.

It leaves a thin transparent film which creates a barrier to bad odors and the development of bacteria.

Antiperspirant: this natural deodorant regulates perspiration on the surface without clogging pores and eliminates bacteria that are sources of bad odors.

Astringent: Bloc Hyaline is widely used by athletes. It limits the appearance of injuries due to friction. To keep hands and feet dry, apply before putting on your gloves, socks and shoes.

Antiseptic: Ideal after shaving The Hyaline Block helps stop bleeding related to micro-cuts and limits the appearance of pimples.


How to use it daily?

Le Bloc Hyalin is in its raw state but includes a hand-sanded and rounded end for a smooth application. Wet it under lukewarm water and pass it over the desired areas.

The stone then covers the skin with an invisible layer of thousands of micro-crystals preventing the development of bacteria responsible for bad odors.



  • Alum stone 100% of natural origin
  • High degree of purity Grade A+
  • 24h efficiency
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Long service life, both economic and ecologic
  • Without perfume
  • For men and women
  • Format 100 grs
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