The soothing candle


“My charm protects you because I bring home soothing comfort and all the scents of spring”

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100% vegetable

The Féret Parfumeur candle is a handcrafted vegetable candle.


The benefits of a scented vegetable wax candle

Vegetable wax is used for eco-responsible candles. It is a biodegradable wax. It is made from natural materials such as soy wax and rice wax.

The advantage of vegetable wax is that it gives off no black smoke when it burns. It is odorless and its burning time is relatively slow.


WE LOVE the Soothing Candle:

  • A 100% natural wax
  • Ecological candle, non-polluting, without black smoke, without paraffin, without toxic fumes
  • A biodegradable wax
  • A lovely fragrance of grasse with powdered rose
  • A burning time of approximately 40 hours
  • Format 180 grs